This is Sally, a foster. She spends most of her time anxious, panting and pacing and she rarely lies down and relaxes. She typically doesn’t like to eat and she doesn’t play with toys. Today after our first session she is relaxed and resting with the toys she was playing with. She LOVED the Orientation Game (played with her kibble) and got excited every time she heard one of us reach into her bowl for more. She is a sweet, lovely girl!
Yay for the power of games!!

Sally's Mom

happy client

Meeting Janine was a life changer for us. Our youngest dog Arusha didn’t handle the move to Washington very well. She developed fear based aggression and started to lunge and growl at strangers walking by, and picking fights with other dogs. Janine was very patient and super loving. When she changes into trainer mode, it’s amazing. She instantly developed a connection with Arusha and taught me many techniques and games to use with her. Janine explained what Arusha was going through and how we could help her cope with her anxiety and fear. I love that Janine is always available to talk and suggest new things to try. She helped me form a stronger bond with Arusha and now I have tools I use to keep Arusha’s brain working, while she thinks we are just playing. Little by little, Arusha is accepting that I can be in charge and she doesn’t have to be hyper-vigilant at all times. We are able to go for walks and she can even play with other dogs off-leash. We couldn’t have made it this far without Janine’s guidance and friendship. I recommend Janine wholeheartedly whether you need help training your dog, or even if you just want to increase the bond between you and your pup by learning new tricks and games! Whenever Arusha sees Janine, she runs and greets her with tons of kisses! Makes my heart melt seeing Arusha so happy!



happy client

Janine has been the BEST teacher for us and Soli. I knew that the traditional “sit/stay/down” style training wasn’t going to be the right thing for us. Our big pup is opinionated and independent – typical of her Great Pyrenees dad, and yet spunky and bright – like her Alaskan Husky mom. Janine’s approach focuses on building relationship first. She has given us the tools to learn together, celebrated our “AHA” moments, and given applicable advice when we’ve been stuck. Her commitment to her own growth as a trainer is 110% and I highly recommend her to anyone who has a dog!

Vanessa, Kenta, & Soli

happy clientS

I have known Janine for a number of years and have watched her blossom as a trainer during that time. She has come to me for advice over the years with regard to her reactive dog and as she is the owner of a reactive dog she has a vested interest in doing everything right for him. This also gives her great insight when it comes to helping others who have reactive dogs. Janine has great instincts and has journeyed to England twice to expand her knowledge of everything dog. She continues to educate herself and I continue to refer clients to her. I retired from teaching 2 years ago and have only had one other trainer I trust to refer clients to so I am thrilled that Janine is actively becoming more and more involved with the community to assist them with their adult dogs as well as their puppies. I highly recommend Janine for all of your dog training needs!

Laura Berger